Dani Carvajal had an exciting interview yesterday. Spanish defender talked about the Revolution in Real Madrid, Zidane tactics and future for Los Blancos.

The revolution that never happened

Fans were waiting for a big revolution during the summer transfer window. Zidane announced changes in starting line up during the summer, but fans are disappointed.

Carvajal was very excited about this question. Spanish footballer said that in Real Madrid, people are always waiting for big revolution after an unsuccessful season. Dani respects the player who joined Real Madrid and thinks that that player will be a great help.

Carvajal said “Hazard, Mendy, and Militao would be a huge advantage during the long season”. Spanish said that Real Madrid is the biggest club, so no one wants to leave.

According to Dani, Revolution that happens in one summer could be a real problem. No team can change philosophy and style of play in one summer transfer window.

Carvajal feels confident with current squad

Real Madrid lost four points in three rounds of La Liga. Fans are worrying about lack of concentration and style of play. Zidane is still searching for optimal tactics but can’t find the suitable. French tested 19 players in the last three weeks but could not get maximum results.

Dani Carvajal talked about Zidane’s tactics and style of play. Spanish is happy with French coach and intensive training. Defender feels confident about the future or losing 4 points during August is not a problem. Dani said that Zidane believes in the current squad’s strengths and vice versa.

The season is very long, so the player can’t predict anything in September. It will be a long marathon, and everything can happen until the end of the season. According to Carvajal, players are very close, and they want to win every possible trophy this year. “We feel good and confident, so everything is perfect” said Dani. 

Carvajal talked about Neymar’s transfer saga

The journalist also asked about Neymar’s transfer. The defender does not pay attention to daily soap operas but indeed tired of Neymar’s transfer saga. “One day he could be a Real Madrid player, another day journalists say that Brazilian may join Barcelona, it’s not normal” added Dani Carvajal.

Dani is ready to welcome Neymar anytime at Real Madrid. Spanish player also mentioned conversation with his Brazilian teammates. As it seems, Carvajal wanted to know about Neymar’s transfer, but his teammates did not know anything about the attacker’s decision.

In Carvajal’s mind, Neymar is one of the top three players currently so that every team would need help like that.