Dani Olmo gave a very honest interview to Bundesliga’s official page. Olmo noted that he is very happy playing for Leipzig.

Games playing during international break

As you may know, Dani Olmo played a big role in the success of Spanish national team. Keep in mind that Olmo scored two goals in two games and helped the team. The biggest goal was definitely against Georgian national team. Olmo scored a goal in the third additional minute and he gave three points to the national team. It was the first 3-points for Spanish national team in the group for the World Cup qualifiers. Olmo said that he is very happy playing for the national team.


Playing under Julian Nagelsmann

Olmo said that Barcelon and Leipzig had a big impact on his career. He noted that Barca and Leipzig gave him everything to succeed in football career. Olmo said that he is a very proud player of Leipzig. The young player joined Leipzig in January of 2020. He noted that German coach personally called Olmo and asked him to help in the building of new team. Olmo was very surprised when Julian Nagelsmann called and personally talked with him. Dani said that he was very surprised and finally he was easily convinced that Leipzig was a big project to collaborate. That’s why Olmo signed a contact with Leipzig in January 2020. Since January, Olmo has been the main player in the starting line-up. Leipzig has a chance to win the Bundesliga title this season. Olmo said that everything is due to big help from the coach. He admitted that help from Julian Nagelsmann is big and he can never repay with the same kind of help because Julian is putting 101% in him. Olmo said that Leipzig wants to win the Bundesliga title this season as there is still a big chance for it.