Wales and Manchester United Daniel James reveals his memories of scoring on his debut goal for the club against Chelsea.


At 21-year-old, James came in for the final 15 minutes and he has opened up on his debut goal. He revealed the reporters got it wrong when it was reported that he supported Liverpool.

“When I signed for United, I can’t remember who it was, one of the Sky Sports (pundits) said: ‘he supports Liverpool’,” James said. “I was thinking I don’t support Liverpool, but I never wanted to come out and say I supported Chelsea as a youngster.”

He explained his debut goal. He continued and explained his goal and how Paul Pogba spotted him.

“I think I made a couple of runs before that and maybe didn’t get the ball. And I just made one more run. Paul, I didn’t think he’d seen me at the time he played me the ball and I took a touch. I thought this is going to get away from me and I struck it. Thankfully it took a nice deflection and went into the back of the net,” he explained.

“Then it was just pure emotion, goosebumps and I didn’t know what to do with myself really. At the Stretford End as well and you could see how happy the fans were, not just for the scoreline but for me scoring on my debut.

“When I look back it at now, the whole team came over, even Harry (Maguire) after a long game. It was very emotional and my family were up at the top of the Stretford End and I think my mum was crying as well, he continued.

“It was a brilliant moment and that will always be the number one highlight of my career. Even if I go on to do great things. I think that will always stick out because It was my debut and it was just unbelievable,” James concluded.