Christian Eriksen had scored three goals in the game against Ireland and proved that he is quite the talent and qualified for the World Cup next summer while denying Ireland a spot in the tournament. And Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy has claimed Eriksen is worth more than Neymar.

Last night against England Neymar wasn’t precisely living up to his £198 million. Without any doubt, the Brazilian was the best performer despite that he struggled to get past England’s defense.

With 11 goals in 12 matches, there aren’t too many defenses that can keep Neymar from scoring, but the likes of John Stones, Harry Maguire, and Joe Gomez did.

Daniel Levy Claims Eriksen is worth more than Neymar

Whereas in Ireland Christian Eriksen put up quite the show scoring three goals on his own and smashing the match hosts in an embarrassing 5-1. So could he actually be worth more than Neymar?

Mundo Deportivo reports that Barcelona are very interested in signing Eriksen, but Daniel Levy has made it very clear that the midfielder isn’t for sale or for the least he won’t come for cheap. Stating:

“If PSG paid 222 million euros for Neymar, Christian Eriksen costs 225 million euros.”

It comes as no surprise that Barcelona are interested in signing a world class attacking midfielder seeming that they are absolutely desperate to sign Philippe Coutinho.

Eriksen would seem to be a better choice that Coutinho being the fact that Liverpool aren’t interested in selling Coutinho. But now with Levy’s massive demands, it would seem that Eriksen isn’t a choice either.

With the 25-year-olds attacking midfielders contract not expiring until 2020, it’s quite unlikely that he’ll be leaving Spurs anytime soon unless someone is willing to put in the offer of at least 225 million euros as Chairman Daniel Levy demands for the Danish and Spurs attacking Mid Fielder.