The clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona is more than just a football game. Especially in Spain, when this specific match has a political meaning also.

Catalonia wants to be separated from Spain

As you may know, the First El Clasico date was different. Real Madrid and Barcelona had to play against each other in October of 2019. By that time, there was a substantial political movement in Barcelona and Catalonia. Political leaders from that part of the country got a sentence of 10 years. So, the former leader of the movement went to jail.
We saw massive protests in the streets of Barcelona, and the federation decided to postpone the match. La Liga and Football Federation authorities met with one decision. New date for El Clasico set on 18th December of 2019.

Match between Real Madrid and Barcelona was in safe hand.

Yesterday we saw a beautiful game between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Both teams gave everything to win the game, but in the end, there was a goalless draw. Unfortunately to Real Madrid and Barcelona fans, none of the team players could decide the outcome of the match.

After the game, everything went to the streets. Protests in the streets started to rise, and police had to use their advantage to calm the protest. 58 Police officers got a bruise from the clash with individuals. At the same time, we know that more than 60 individuals were hurt during the clash. Emergency cars in Barcelona were in a struggle to help individuals while police and Protestants attacked each other.

Along with political movement, Real Madrid officials are not happy with referee

Real Madrid’s official website published a picture where we see the right leg of Varane. French defender got hit from Barcelona’s Lenglet in the penalty area. Los Blancos officials believe that VAR and referee, Hernandez Hernandez, have not done the job correctly. According to Marca’s experts, VAR could repeat two moments on Varane in the first half. First time when Ivan Rakitic pulled Varane’s t-shirt in the penalty area, and secondly, when Lenglet hit him with boots.