An adviser to David Alaba said he is a Sergio Ramos-level defender. How true is this, and what power does Bayern’s defender really have?

David Alaba is a very important player for Bayern Munich. The Recordmeister do not want to lose the Austrian, but the 28-year-old back knows his price and demands a salary increase. So, if his request is met, Alaba will become one of the Bundesliga’s highest-paid players.

During a meeting with Bayern officials, Alaba’s adviser Pini Zahavi directly said that in his opinion, David Alaba is the best central defender in the world today, along with Sergio Ramos. Also, in a meeting with the Munich Grand bosses, he emphasized that Alaba deserves a much higher salary. The Austrian currently has a contract with the Recordmeister until 2021, and a decision must be made this year – if he does not sign a new contract, he must be sold now. Otherwise, Alaba will leave Bayern next year for free.


Is Alaba really on the level of Ramos?


Compared to other top defenders, it seems that David Alaba is really one of the outstanding ones. As for specific numbers and figures:

  • On average, Alaba has 87 assists per game – the highest rate. For comparison: Ramos has 61 assists in the game.
  • The accuracy of Ramos and Alaba passes is the same and stands at 91 percent. The first in this ranking is Thiago Silva (PSG), whose passing accuracy is up to 95 percent.
  • In 28 Bundesliga matches, they hit 19 times after Alaba’s pass, and five times after Ramos’ pass.
  • Ramos is the best in terms of goals – he scored 11 goals in the Spanish championship, while Alaba – only one. For comparison: Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk has four goals.
  • Alaba is arguably one of the best European defenders in terms of launching attacks and understanding the game in general.