Marca and Spanish football magazines wrote about the fresh deal. David Alaba signed for Real Madrid privately and it will be publicly visible in next weeks. Alaba will stay in Munich for the rest of the season.

David Alaba – undervalued defender from the start

Austrian player is a very good defender. When he was spotted by the scout of Bayern Munich, they signed him right away. He played for Bayern a few matches but soon they loaned to Eintracht for six months. That was a sign that Bayern Munich coaching/management was not valuing the defender. Soon he returned to Munich and the rest is history. 

David Alaba won 25 titles in the previous decade and it was all with Bayern Munich. Keep in mind that he was the main defender for German giant. He is a very versalite player. If we look at his profile on every football website, David is left-back. So, he can replace a player in the left-back position. At the same time, Bayern Munich management tested him in the center defensive system and he is perfect there too.

Strategic signing for Real Madrid

Marca’s journalists believe that signing David is very strategic for Real Madrid. Why is that so you may ask – first of all, Sergio Ramos’ contract situation is not clear yet. Secondly, Marcelo is not the same anymore and he wants to leave Real Madrid in summer. Nacho’s and Varane’s contracts also expire in the summer of 2022 – in just one year, so the defensive system of Los Blancos is very unclear. David Alaba can replace Marcelo as the left-back or Sergio Ramos-Varane in the center-defensive strategy.