The versatile Austria international appears to be on his way towards the exit at the Allianz Arena.

Alaba is an important asset for the Bavarians

David Alaba remains an essential asset for Bayern Munich, says Lothar Matthaus, but the contract rebel has been told he is not “irreplaceable” like Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski. The versatile Austria international appears to be on his way towards the exit at the Allianz Arena. Discussions about the new contract have broken down, which means there may soon be a parting of tracks on the cards. Alaba is tied only to conditions until the end of the season and can either be offloaded in January or allowed to enter free agency next summer. Bayern were hoping to avoid such a situation, and have not yet given up hope of reaching a compromise when it comes to a new deal, but Matthaus says the German champions are taking the right approach by refusing to be held to ransom.

The Austrian is difficult to replace

He told reporters: “David is an important player and face of Bayern Munich. That is why he was offered such a great contract. Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski are slightly more important and therefore higher in the salary structure. David is difficult to replace. Müller, Lewandowski and Neuer are irreplaceable. I hope and still believe that David will play in Munich beyond the season. However, negotiations have not become easier for him. David is now free and in the market, and all of Europe now knows that. Now it will show how highly Alaba’s value is actually amid a global pandemic and whether his team of advisors has played away.”

Bayern Munich have always treated and paid their players with respect

Alaba has been accused of avoiding a lucrative offer from Bayern, which has caused negotiations to be delayed and Matthaus wants the 28-year-old to come out and state in public whether he is making future calls based on sporting factors or financial benefits. The Bayern legend added: “After several attempts, Bayern have withdrawn the lucrative, fair and appropriate offer to David Alaba and I can understand that well. At some point, you have to position yourself as a club and set an example. They’ve done it now. The offer of €11 million-plus another €6 million in bonuses is not a child benefit. Who makes that much money in our society? Solidarity is especially important now, during the Corona period. And that is especially true for football stars.”

“FC Bayern have always been one of the clubs in the world that treat and pay their players with respect. David’s proposal is more than fair and generous. In any case, it is astonishing that these negotiations took so long. If David is looking for a new challenge, he should have communicated much earlier and more clearly. If he is only interested in more money, then, unfortunately, he has chosen the wrong time. Now I am curious to see what his agent will land for him if there is a club which has the best conditions for Alaba.”