Real Madrid had a bad run in the defensive line. Problem in defense is bad for the team like Los Blancos as they won the La Liga trophy last season with good playing in defense.

Covid and injuries

As you may know, Real Madrid has problems related to covid and injuries. First of all, defender Militao was tested positive for covid-19. Keep in mind that Brazilian midfielder Casemiro and Hazard were tested positive too. They can’t team and Casemiro’s absence especially for the defensive line is very tough. Casemiro has not played since Thursday, so a big loss against Valencia happened because of Brazillian’s absence. There are also many injuries in the defensive line. Nacho, Odriozola and Dani Carvajal are absent for a few weeks already. Zidane is playing with Lucas Vazquez as the right full-back. Keep in mind that Lucas is the winger and attacking line player, not defender. 

Injuries and covid crisis may lead to serious problems. Real Madrid already conceded many goals in La Liga. Latest game was toughest for Zidane in Valencia. Team conceded four goals and all the goals happened because of bad play from defenders. 

Wake up call for Real Madrid defenders

Experts in Spain believe that Real Madrid will be back stronger after break. It’s an international break in the football world. National teams have to play their part for next two weeks. It’s believed that many injured players may return after the break. For instance, Dani Carvajal believes that he can play after the international break. This break is very beneficial for Los Blancos as covid tested players will also join the team after those weeks. Zidane is not feeling lost or bad as he noted that the team is still solid. Problems can appear in any match, so one loss is not dramatic for the whole team.