Liverpool centre-back Dejan Lovern has uncovered a screenshot of a passing danger sent to him by somebody on social media, by means of his Instagram account direct message.

The 28-year-old has gotten an enormous measure of negative feedback for his performance in a Liverpool shirt. Truth be told, things haven’t gone too swimmingly for the Croatian defender since his turn from Southampton in 2014.

He won’t worry about us saying that he had a flat out bad dream against Spurs at Wembley a weekend ago, prompting Jurgen Klopp dragging him away in the first half and Dejan Lovren has since been barraged with superfluous mishandle from ‘fans’.

The manhandle has now lead the Croatian focus back to post two stories on his Instagram account. The principal picture uncovers a passing danger sent to him that says:
“I’m gonna murder ur family u Croatian prick”.

Fan sending death threat to Dejan Lovren

He at that point reacted with the accompanying explanation: “I don’t mind when people talk shit about me, it says more about them! But I can not ignore when my family is threatened. I just can’t and won’t accept that. Disgusting.”

In the Liverpool Echo meet with the previous Southampton defender, he confessed to battling through agony to play in late matches saying

“I have problems with my whole body for the last two weeks, my back and now I have hurt my Achilles tendon. I am taking pills so I can play, five before every game.

“I play but I cannot train at all. That’s why I skipped matches against Manchester City and Burnley.”