Ousmane Dembele angers the coach and the bosses once again. Barcelona put the French transfer at a 50 percent discount.

About a month ago, the head coach of Barcelona invited the players to a video conference and greeted all the players with an online call – except for one! The only player to miss this online conference was 22-year-old French striker Ousmane Dembele of the Catalan Grand.

Dembele’s training sessions have been missed many times, and his undisciplinedness was still known when he was playing for Borussia Dortmund. Dembele’s inaction seems to have fed even the leaders of Barcelona.

According to Marca, Barcelona, who have bought the Frenchman for 120 million euros, is ready to sell him at half price, for 60 million euros. In addition to missing the video conference, Dembele is the only player in Barcelona who has not yet been seen at the base since the Blaugrana players are able to get there and train individually.

The Frenchman was also tested at home on Coronavirus.


Dembele becomes superfluous for Barca.


In Marca, we read that Ousmane Dembele will no longer be given a chance in Barcelona. The Catalan giants want to sell him immediately. As you know, the French winger moved to Barca in the summer of 2017. Since then he missed 70 games due to injury.

We all know that Barcelona want to buy Lautaro Martinez, and the Catalans are thinking about Neymar’s return as well. Consequently, Dembele is already superfluous in all respects.