Barcelona estimates Ousmane Dembele at around 67 million. Manchester United will try to add the French striker on loan this time.

Manchester United also tried to add Ousmane Dembele last summer. The English club was close to acquiring the Frenchman, but Ousmane himself refused to change clubs at the last minute and stayed in Barcelona.

The 23-year-old footballer has a contract with the Catalan team in the summer of 2022. Barcelona estimates the Frenchman at around 67 million, though it is hard to imagine any team in Dembele paying that much.

That’s why the English club are changing the plan. Manchester United no more aim to buy the French player. The Red Devils will try to add a lease on loan during the winter transfer window.

If the Frenchman’s transfer is justified and he plays better in England, Manchester will consider buying him. Barcelona do not want to let Dembele go yet.

According to the latest reports, Manchester United will start negotiations with the Catalans soon. Recall that another English club – Liverpool was also interested in the French attack.

Ousmane Dembele has played 6 matches in the current La Liga season, where he showed himself with one goal. The Frenchman is more productive in the Champions League, where he scored 2 goals in 3 matches and scored once against a teammate.