Ousmane Dembele had a bad season last year. The French winger is now back in training and could help Barcelona soon. There are severe injuries in Barcelona, and the Catalonian team already dropped 5 points in three rounds.

Dembele was close to PSG

As you may know, Barcelona had an interest in Neymar again. The Catalonian club wanted to re-sign Brazilian winger and made every possible offer to Parisians. Keep in mind that Barcelona bought Griezmann two months ago and the club was without sufficient amount of money.

Barcelona officials offered up to 100 million euros and decided to use Dembele and Rakitic in the deal. As it seems, the French attacker was very strict with his decision. Ousmane rejected the offer and decided to stay away from “Neymar’s saga.” The French player was not happy with Spanish club representatives, but with all his energy, Ousmane tried to stay in Barcelona.

Today Dembele talked about his possible transfer and said that he is happy in Barcelona. Ousmane mentioned that dream to win Ballon d’Or will be more comfortable with Barcelona. The French player has a plan to keep up with intensive training and be on top of the physical form.

Despite the player’s good relationship with Tuchel, he stayed in Catalonia to win the Champions League. The winger was playing under Tuchel’s coaching in Dortmund. All that happened two years ago and specific season (2016/2017) was a backbone for Dembele’s transfer to Barcelona.

Problems in the dressing room of Barcelona

As it seems, players do not listen to team officials. Dembele and Rakitic denied offers from Barcelona to join PSG and decided to stay in Barcelona. At the same time, senior players like Messi and Suarez are very heartbroken after the club failed a mission. Especially Messi was waiting for Neymar to join the team and mentally boost the squad’s performance. As the Spanish insiders claim, Lionel knows that without Neymar it’s almost impossible to win the Champions League.

Valverde has to manage not playing a part but also the mental side of the squad. Messi not happy, meanwhile Griezmann joined team and adoption could take time.

Messi is not happy with current situation

Spanish insiders claim that Messi is not happy in Barcelona. Messi knows that club was not actually interested in re-signing Neymar because they did not make a suitable offer to PSG. According to Leonardo, sporting directory of PSG, Parisians were ready to sell Neymar, but they wanted a proper proposal. Barcelona tried to play with the emotions and use a few other players in the deal, but Nasser al-Khelaifi denies those offers. PSG wants money and not bench players of Barcelona, if any team offers 222 Million euros for Neymar, Parisian would be happy to sell Brazilian.