Frank Lampard made it clear he joined Chelsea as manager “to win” and “thrives” on Chelsea pressure as he “didn’t come to fight for fourth”

With assistance from billionaire owner Roman Abramovich, Chelsea has been Europe’s biggest spenders with an outlay of £200 million on the transfer market.

Last season, the club was under a transfer ban and Chelsea climbed the ladder with a teenage squad from the Academy. Fortunately, they finished fourth in the Premier League but lost in the FA Cup final against Arsenal.

After the transfer ban was lifted, Chelsea has lost no time in searching for the best players to boost the team. Currently, the club has six major signings.

For coach Lampard, the landing of these new players “changes the landscape”.

He said, “I didn’t come into the job to fight for fourth place or bring academy players in. I came here to win. Last year we couldn’t recruit and this year the club has made the decision to bring in players”.

“It changes the landscape and we’re ready to work. The pressure on me to do better should be standard. I don’t want to talk about statements.”

“last year, we were very happy for Champions League places. We were very joined up in the business we wanted to do”.

“I am surprised if you didn’t think I wasn’t under pressure last season. I thrive off the pressures. It’s what I love doing”. Concluded Lampard.