Maradona agrees with Gattuso when he says that Messi is the best. Messi is the best among human beings, but my father is an extraterrestrial; He cannot be compared with anyone.

Messi is the best footballer today

Diego Maradona recognizes Leo Messi as “the best footballer today” and considers his fellow countryman Argentinean “enormous” talent. But he’s hoping to see how the Barcelona superstar is shot down by Napoli. On Tuesday, at Stadio São Paolo scheduled to host the first leg of the recent Champions League 16 meeting. This competition should see the six-time winner of Ballon d’Or Messi. Set foot on the arena the iconic fellow countryman Maradona once called home. Much is being done from the presence of the captain of Barcelona in Naples, and the 32-year-old striker is following some high traces. Comparisons are still being made between his remarkable career and the career of the winner of the World Cup winner Maradona. While it is not enough to separate the two all-time giants.

Messi – a very good boy

Two men in the center of a fierce debate tried to stay away from being drawn into one of those who could be considered the best. Both are incredibly respectful of each other: Maradona considers Messi “a perfect boy.”He also told reporters about the commercial star of Barca that he once managed while working as head coach of the Argentina national team.”He must continue his career and his life, knowing that he is the best football player today.”I liked watching Messi with Argentina in every game.”Maradona is currently working with Gimnasia de la Plata but will be an interested observer when Napoli locks his horns with Messi and Barcelona.

Maradona hopes that Napoli will beat Barca

He hopes to see his former club claim to have a noticeable European scalp. Allowing them to dream of emulating the success he once enjoyed with Gly Azzurri.”I gave everything to Napoli, and Napoli gave everything to me, demonstrating my affection,” said the honorary citizen of Naples.”The 1980s were great years for the team and Argentina. We managed to win the Serie A championship, the UEFA Cup and the World Cup.”Maradona believes that Napoli is experiencing a “difficult situation” now that they have Gennaro at the helm. With a club that lost track for a while under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti. He hopes that the Italian outfit can “surprise everyone and give joy to its people” by sending Barca packing in continental competition.