In the game against Athletic Bilbao, Messi was different. The connection between Messi and Pedri is very exciting. Fans believe that performances like this can change Messi’s decision on leaving the club.

Messi wants to stay?

Yesterday Messi was happy on the pitch. He was playing with a smile on his face. Messi was happy because Pedri understood his movement in every part of the game. Messi scored two goals and it was the first time this season. Keep in mind that Pedri scored a goal and also assisted Messi. Twitter was full of tweets related to Messi yesterday night. Fans believe that Lionel can easily change his mind about the departure if Barca keeps playing like that. Barca was down but the team has shown true potential. Team scored three goals after conceding from Inaki Williams.

Project in Paris

PSG played their first game in League 1 under their new coach. Mauricio is very happy with his new job and got many questions related to Messi. Journalists asked him about Messi’s and Neymar’s duo. Mauricio said that signing Messi will be a big thing for PSG but it’s not a big surprise for him. Messi was happy yesterday against Athletic Bilbao. After a big win, Messi will be confident during the Super Cup matches. As you may know, Real Sociedad faces Barca next week in the Super Cup semi-final. Fans believe that winning the match against Real Sociedad could change a lot of things for Messi’s contract renewal.