On November 19, 1995, Gianluigi Buffon made his debut. Gigi responded to his 25-year-old debut with a fun video.

The unique story of Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon started exactly 25 years ago. On 19 November 1995, in the next round of Serie A, Parma hosted AC Milan. Prior to the game, the hosts’ key goalkeeper Luca Buchi was injured, and the head coach instructed him to replace the team’s second goalkeeper, Alessandro Nista, with a 17-year-old boy unknown to everyone.

Buffon was raised at the Parma Academy, but no one knew anything about him at the time. Gigi was so nervous about his debut that before the game Parma was not even in the team photo, he forgot that the teams are taking a joint photo on a professional level and that is why Parma is no longer the legendary goalkeeper in the memorable photo of that day.

Buffon’s debut also turned out to be impressive. With Fabio Capello’s strong Milan, whose honor was defended by Golden Ball owners George Weah and Roberto Baggio, the door was kept dry. He also repelled several memorable balls and made a significant contribution to scoring. After the game, Capello also commented on the unknown boy, saying that he had never seen such a bold goalkeeper at such a young age.

Buffon posted a video on the social network about his debut 25 years ago, which reflects the events that took place in 1995, with the following title:

“When I made my Serie A debut, the world was completely different. But, only 25 years have passed yet. 9132 days, 219 168 hours (and it’s not over yet …). Let’s delve into the past together.”

Gianluigi Buffon played for Parma from 1995-2001, then moved to Juventus, where he played until the summer of 2018. The Italian spent the 2018/19 season in Paris Saint-Germain and returned to Juventus one season later, where he is still playing. Buffon has a contract with the team until the summer of 2021. He has won almost every team and individual award in his career, except for the Champions League. In UCL he lost 3 times in the final. He has played more than 1000 official matches in his career.