Eric Dier confronted Tottenham fans because they were insulting him in front of his family and his younger brother got involved.

Berbatov is not happy from Eric Dier’s incident

Bulgarian footballer Dimitar Berbatov said the former Tottenham club was not doing well. He’s saying that the way Eric Dier was charged into the crowd to confront a supporter was a symptom of a bigger question. After losing to Norwich in an FA Cup clash on Wednesday, and England midfielder burst into the stands to challenge a fan who exchanged words with his brother. While the stewards had to restrain the 26-year-old striker. From the FA Cup, lagging behind RB Leipzig 1-0 in the Champions League round 16, and seventh in the league. Having suffered a loss of Chelsea and Wolves in a row, Dimitar believes that the player’s actions emphasize internal issues on the side of the northerners of London.

Football crowds are offensive and we all suffered from it

“We can say that there is little tension in the Spurs with how Eric Dier reacted after the game against Norwich,” he told reporters.”You don’t react like that if everything is calm. Yes, they lost the game, everyone loses the game. If you respond so impulsively from anger, it shows that something is going wrong for you and the team.”I respect what he did because if it were me, I probably would have done the same, but we should avoid such things because people can take advantage of your emotions,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the football crowds are quite offensive and every player suffers from it, even Messi and Ronaldo. But we are all people, and if someone brings your family to it, then, of course, you are going to protect them, but this should not happen “Of course, we are all fans of our teams, but it’s not comfortable there. It’s easy to say, “What the hell, I can do better,” but believe me, it’s tough on the field, and people need to control their emotions about the players and especially their families.”Boss Jose Mourinho supported the player, saying that plater would be available to oppose Burnley on the weekend.”What happened…Almost nothing, “said the Portuguese.” So I think he’s ready. “Both the FA and Tottenham are investigating the incident.