In the last six games, Milan have won just one win, three draws and two defeats

There are plenty of reasons to concern for Milan fans 


The most important alarm signal still remains with the expired contracts of a number of players (for instance goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma). Donnarumma’s contract expires in less than four months. The goalkeeper demands 10 million euros a year this is 17.5 million in taxes.

Donnarumma’s current contract expires on June 30, 2021.

Milan is offering a contract until 2026, with a salary of 8-8.5 million per season; Goalkeeper agent Mino Raiola is asking the club for a salary of € 10 million per season, with a new contract valid for no more than two to three years;

If the rumors are credible at a clean-up of 10 million a year, in dirty terms it’s 17.5 million a season. Hypothetically, in three years it is more than 50 million euros, which was spent only on the salary of the goalkeeper, and in five years – almost 90 million.

As well as the proximity to the long-awaited qualification of the Champions League. Yes, now is practically no time – so to speak, but Milan is still in the trap of Raiola. Moreover, because the club is in fact obliged to renew Donnarma’s contract: otherwise, a society that is not accustomed to the usual details will simply control management with vests, and it would be difficult to return to the Champions League to overcome the bitterness of such a loss.


Donnarumma’s PR campaigns are strong. His image rights are unlikely to cover even a quarter of his salary potential, Gianluigi is a very charismatic player, but he is still not a player of Zlatan Ibrahimovic caliber, at least in terms of global popularity and recognition. Let’s see how Milan’s board of management would react to the new offer of Raiola.