In an interview with Bild, Manuel Neuer said he was upset. The Bayern captain spoke about the rumors. He said he had never known such a Bayern before.

German media have recently reported that the negotiations on a new contract between Bayern Munich and Manuel Neuer are complicated. The record-breaking captain spoke to Bild this Zontag about this and said he was very upset. According to Neuer, the details of the talks have been made public – in a distorted form.

“Nothing has ever gone outside before. And now the details of the current negotiations in the media are constantly passing, and at the same time, most of them are wrong and distorted.” Neuer told Bild.

‘It’s due to a lack of appreciation and gratitude.’


The 2014 world champion says he is angry about this: “I am not used to such things in Bayern. I do not know such a Bayern! It has always been crucial for me to trust each other in Bayern. Personally, I, as a player and captain, have always been honest and loyal to the club. Now that some details have been made clear, I think it’s due to a lack of appreciation and gratitude. ”

Neuer, 34, has a current contract until the summer of 2021. This means that if Manu has to stay in Bayern Munich, his contract must be extended now. Negotiations have begun, and the German media have reported that Neuer is asking for a 5-year contract and 20 million euros a year, but Bayern do not agree. Neuer’s agent, Thomas Kroth, told Bild that neither one was true nor the other.

“It is obvious to me that my request for a five-year contract is a utopia. I am 34 years old, and I can’t say how I will be 39 years old. So it’s nonsense that I’m definitely asking for a five-year contract,” Neuer added.

He said he just wants to make sure he and Bayern’s so-called were in a win-win situation. Also, Neuer praised Bayern boss Hans Flick, with whom the Bavarian giants have just signed a new contract: “Hans is a super-coach! He has a good relationship with the players, we play good football in his hands, and the team has a great atmosphere. I agreed to sign a new contract for him. ” – Neuer noted and added that the extension of the contract with Flick was also a signal to him that he should stay at Bayern.