It has just been announced that a new book by Zinedine Zidane will be released in April. The magazine Vanity Fair has published extracts from the book.

Zinedine Zidane worries about the future of his children. The Real Madrid French coach writes about this in his new autobiographical book. The book is announced to be released on April 28.

French journalist Frederick Hermel wrote the book. Vanity Fair has published excerpts from a new book by the legendary Frenchman.


“I don’t want my wealth and everything I have to drive them crazy.”


“My children do not have the same life as others. I’m afraid they will reveal little idiots. I don’t want my wealth and everything I have and everything around me to drive them crazy. I want them to be good people, ”Zidane writes. Zizu and his wife Veronica have four sons – Enzo (24), Luke (21), Theo (17), and Elias (14).

Excerpts from the 1998 World Champion Book show that despite all the privileges, he is also an ordinary man with ordinary problems and fears.

Much of the book is about Zizu’s relationship with players: “When my players lose 3-4 games and play badly three or four times, I just don’t do it the other way around. I’ll protect my players to the end. I believe in them, and it will be so in the end.

I don’t fall into the category of coaches who insult players and say it’s up to him or anyone else. We all sit in one boat.” writes 47-year-old Zizu.