Super-Agent Mino Raiola wants to stop FIFA and says that he will fight against the dictatorship of this system.

FIFA is “ridiculous”

Mino Raiola, the Super-agent called FIFA and their actions “ridiculous” as the president of the Football Agents Forum, launched an attack on the governing body of football on Monday. Speaking from Switzerland, the Italian said that he and his fellow agents are looking for more fair and transparent rules from the association. Mino explained that the organization picks and chooses its decisions, indicating that a different course of action is needed. “FIFA is like a socialist dictator who tells people what they should do at all times,” he said. “The people have already understood what it is. The opposition is frontal and explicit. We are operating with the Swiss Association because we need to contest it from here, from Switzerland, where FIFA is.

World football needs a second organisation

“We are looking for a more clear world of work, and if FIFA wants it, it’s perfect. It needs to clear the table, declare our rights, and we would start talking. FIFA says that they decide. It’s ridiculous.” Support from other organization agents shows a good reason for alternative actions. Raiola points out that the FAF was enough, believing that the only way to move forward is without FIFA. “Agents argue that change is needed, another line of action,” he added. “Football needs a second structure. FIFA today wants to be everything: the administration, the business part, the legal part… And this is impossible.” We know how to regulate alone. Why should you take part in our money? In Europe, we organize clubs, and there are no problems.

We will create a second system

Why should I go through FIFA if I understand with UEFA? Of course, this is a power game. That’s why we said “enough.” Representing some of the most dominant players in world football, including Paul Pogba and Erling Braut Haaland, the 52-year-old told the representatives no longer require FIFA and their decisions. “We are no longer going to argue with FIFA. We will only do this when they withdraw their proposals. In any case, we will oppose creating a second system, far from the FIFA system.” In Europe, we can have our organization for transfers for players and agents. We do not need FIFA. “It is possible that FIFA, an organization with many corruption issues, is one that corrects us. They must solve their problems.”