Erling Haaland quickly took a step from Austria to Germany and has already worked his way into the starting line-up was only 19.

Erling who’s playing football in a different way

CEO of Dortmund Borussia Hans-Joachim Watzke called Erling Haaland’s transfer an excellent opportunity to sign a unique player. Watzke believes that Haaland is a rare talent and the type of striker Dortmund was waiting for. Although he doesn’t call-check Robert Lewandowski, he describes the kind of player he is.”We always wanted to have a central player who has a different way of playing football,” Watzke told reporters. “It was not about the second striker, but about the high, physically active classic number nine, but first this guy also had to enter the market.

He deserves to be in the starting spot

“Not many people are 1.94 meters tall and so fast. Actually, it never crossed anyone’s mind. It was just a time that you don’t often get.” I watched his advance a little longer. I first met him in December. I think we both quickly felt that it could be something. “The Norwegian boy has already scored eight goals in five matches for the Dortmund, which is all the more impressive when considering he played only 305 minutes of German football in the Bundesliga in black and yellow. He quickly took a step from Austria to Germany and has already worked his way into the starting line-up was only 19. Only two substitutions were enough to convince head coach Lucien Favre that he deserved the starting spot.


Scandinavian players are very motivated

“He is still very young, but he has a strong will,” Watzke added. “He has physical attributes and is extremely focused. This is certainly good for us.” Mostly Scandinavian players are very motivated, very hungry for success, and very decent guys.” Erling embodies all this. He has a good character and unstoppable will. Even in training! This is a good story. “When Haaland joined, Paco Alcácer left, and according to Watzke, the decision to let the Spaniard go was easy. The Spaniard was regularly off the bench for Dortmund, but not usually in the starting XI. The move was suitable for the player, too, since he wants to get a place in Spain for Euro 2020, so the move to Villarreal was beneficial to everyone involved.

“Other footballers can also play the part of Paco with us, but we didn’t have a guy like Erling before,” Watzke said. “The decision to let Paco go was easy. The center, who does not play quickly, becomes dissatisfied. His big goal is the 2020 championship Europe, and he probably would have missed it if he had stayed. We would have received money even in the summer.”