Dortmund Borussia’s players were not happy with the result. Although Erling Haaland scored another brace for his club.

Nico Schulz’s thought on the game

After the game, Nico was not satisfied. He broke down the game into different parts. Nico said that Borussia started playing the game in a perfect way. The coach gave them a task to score an early goal and dominate the pitch in the first half. Nico said that team players did everything as the coach said. He praised the skills and pace of Erling Haaland. Keep in mind that Norwegian striker opened the score-line against Cologne in the first five minutes. Erling Haaland was very active and Nico Schulz is impressed by the ‘will of scoring goals’ of the youngster. Nico said that Dortmund Borussia players thought that having a difference in the score-line could be enough. Unfortunately to Borussia fans, the team could not keep the one-goal difference. They conceded two goals from Cologne. Nico believes that players became more passive and did not think about the attacking line a lot. In the second half, Nico admitted that Dortmund wanted to score two goals and turn the game around. Erling Haaland could score only the second goal. Dortmund took one point from Cologne.


Marwin Hitz’s opinion

The player was also disappointed by the result. He said that the team started the game in a perfect manner. They dominated the pitch and midfield in the first few minutes. Erling Haaland also scored a beautiful goal according to Marwin. The player said that Dortmund Borussia disappeared after scoring a goal. They believed that scoring one goal was enough to win the game against Cologne. Unfortunately to Borussia fans, they conceded two goals and Marwin said that it was a big lesson for him. In the second half, Marwin said that the team was a little bit unlucky because they had many chances to score goals. Taking only one point from Cologne could be a good life-lesson.