Erling Haaland is injured currently and can’t help his team. He is a real goal-scoring machine and it’s not surprising that big teams want to sign him.

Watzke wants to Erling Haaland to stay in Germany

The CEO of Dortmund met with journalists. He talked about many different aspects of the team. Especially about the future of the club and goal-scorer machine. The CEO said that he wants to keep Erling Haaland. Watzke noted that Haaland is still very young and at his development stage. He noted that Raiola, the agent of Haaland, knows exactly that Dortmund is a perfect team for Haaland to continue development. Keep in mind that Haaland was brought by Dortmund at the start of the 2020. Since the contract assignment, Haaland became the best striker for the club. He is always in the starting line-up and scores lots of goals.

Interest from Real Madrid.

It’s not a surprise that Real Madrid wants to sign Erling Haaland. Spanish journalists write that Real Madrid will sign Mbappe and Haaland in next season. Watzke said that Erling has to stay in Dortmund if he wants to become a world-elite level striker. The CEO of the team noted that Robert Lewandowksi was also a good player but Dortmund gave him everything and that’s why he became world-elite. Watzke said that Real Madrid wants to sign Haaland but Los Blancos gives a starting line-up spot only to world-elite players and not for regularly good strikers. That’s why Erling needs more play time and contract renewal at Dortmund.