Valencia hosted Villarreal at home stadium on Friday night. Villarreal was leading the game for the whole match until the very end.


Pre-match preparations

Villarreal had a tough run in the last few rounds. During the last round, the team lost the game against Atletico Madrid. Diego Simeone’s team is the leader of La Liga and it was not a big surprise. At the same time, most of the fans hoped for the best result but Villarreal failed big time against Atletico Madrid. 

As for Valencia, the team is going a little stronger than before. The start of the season was very tough for Valencia. There were problems with the salary and footballers asked for money on time. At the same time, Valencia has shown bad results at the start of the season. Even after a big win against Real Madrid (at home 4-1), they could not win a game for a few weeks. This match was very decisive for Valencia’s president to show everyone that the team is not in crisis. As you may know, JMT announced his interest in purchasing Valencia from Peter Lim. The billionaire denied the offer but fans are not happy with the current situation. That’s why it was important for Valencia’s owner to prove that the team is in good shape.


Late come-back from Valencia

Gracia played with a very interesting strategy. Lee and Gomez were two strikers in the penalty area of Villarreal. It was the first time that Valencia played very high pressure on the defensive line of the opponent. 

Villarreal took a lead in the first half. In the end of the first half, Villarreal scored a penalty. After converting a penalty into the goal, Moreno decided to attack more in the rest of the first half. Unfortunately to Villarreal fans, the team could not score more goals. 

Valencia decided to change the situation at the end of the game. In the 86th minute Valencia got right for a penalty shoot. Soler took the ball and scored a goal. After equalizing the match, hosts decided to attack more. Guedes scored a very beautiful and dramatic goal in the end of the goal. Portuguese player delivered three points to the team.