There is a serious drama between Barcelona’s management and team captain. Shy Lionel Messi has responded to Eric Abidal’s statements, and he said that nothing would be hidden.

What Sporting Director of the team said?

As you may know, Eric Abidal is the sporting director of Barcelona for a few years already. Eric was an outstanding player, and he has played for Barcelona in the past. Two days ago, Eric Abidal gave a fascinating interview to Spanish journalists. The sporting director said that there were players who did not like Ernesto Valverde. Eric Abidal also mentioned the worst fact about some of Barcelona’s players. Abidal noted that some of the players were not working hard with Ernesto, and because of them, management sacked the coach.

It was a fascinating interview. We found out that Barcelona’s squad has different groups. As the Spanish journalists believe, Lionel Messi has its group with few players like Luis Suarez, Alba, and Pique. At the same time, it’s hard for Antoine Griezmann to get closer to those players.

Lionel Messi responded to interview quickly

Barcelona’s captain is not very active on social networks. At the same time, we have never seen him speaking badly about team management. Everything changed yesterday when Messi posted on Instagram. Lionel Messi posted a story on Instagram and added personal comments. Lionel said that he does not like responding to statements about management or coaching staff, but it’s a moment when everything should change. Messi said that Eric’s statements are not smart, and the sporting director should act differently. The team’s captain also asked Eric to come public and name the players who were against Ernesto Valverde and have not worked hard under Ernesto.

As it seems, Lionel Messi is the most significant person in the team currently. After Lionel’s statement, Barcelona’s fans flooded Twitter with different hash-tags. Barcelona’s fans wanted to sack Eric Abidal. Barcelona’s president is not ready to sack Eric.