Tonight: Chelsea V United. Neither team has the right to lose points at Stamford Bridge. Both teams are in a good mood for the match.

One of the highlights of the tour will take place in England on Sunday. In the 26th round of the EPL, Chelsea in London will host Manchester United at “Stamford Bridge”. Despite the widespread belief that the Big Six games are turning out to be unbelievable in recent years, fans are looking forward to a tense and exciting match.

Both teams are in good spirits. The “Aristocrats” defeated Atletico Madrid 1: 0 in the middle of the week to reach the Champions League’s eighth final and approached the trip to the quarterfinals. Although Manchester United played 0: 0 at home to Real Sociedad, they won 4: 0 in two games. So, they advanced to the 1/4 finals of the Europa League, where their opponent will be Milan.

The “Red Devils” look very good in the Premier League away matches. Manchester United have not lost in their last 19 away matches, although Chelsea have not lost in 10 of their last eleven EPL matches at home. In all competitions, the team coached by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has lost just one of its last 10 home games against Sheffield United.




The London club is also in good shape. Since Thomas Tuchel was appointed head coach of the team, Chelsea have played 8 matches together in all competitions and the Aristocrats have not lost in any of them. After the German specialist’s arrival, it is difficult to score a goal in the goal of the “Aristocrats”. Chelsea have conceded only 2 goals in 8 appearances (one goal by Rudiger).

The tournament situation further aggravates all this. Chelsea are struggling to get into the top four. The Londoners have 43 points and are 2 points behind the 4th place, West Ham. Liverpool is in 6th place. In addition, Chelsea have a very difficult calendar ahead. After the meeting with Manchester, Tuchel team will face Liverpool, Everton, Leeds and Atletico. Therefore, the “Aristocrats” should try to lose as few points as possible from all the mentioned matches.


Manchester United


As for United, Ole Gunnar Sulsher’s team is in second place after 25 rounds and is 10 points behind the leader Manchester City. Given the form of the “townspeople”, the Norwegian specialist club will find it difficult to fight for the championship. Most likely, their maximum will be to keep their current place in the Premier League. The closest follower of the “Red Devils” is Leicester, which has the same 49 points as United. As you can see, neither team has the right to lose points, which is why it is suggested that the match will be quite tense.

If we look at these two teams, in all the tournaments together, we will see the last 5 confrontations that have been difficult for Chelsea to defeat Manchester recently, 3 defeats, 1 draw and 1 win, also in the Association Cup. It is especially difficult for the Londoners to defeat Sulsher’s team at home. The Mancunians have won all three of their last three matches against the Aristocrats. The first-round match of the current Premier League season ended in a goalless draw at Old Trafford.

Staffing problems are more of a concern for United. Paul Pogba and Phil Jones will definitely not play against Chelsea. In question is the view of Cavani, McTominey and Van de Beek squares. As for Chelsea, the match may be missed by Thiago Silva, who could not help the team with Atletico.