A unique fact happened during the Arsenal-Dundalk match in London. The Irish champions did not break the rules against Arsenal. This is a record that cannot be improved.

A record was set in the Europa League. The players of Irish Dundalk stood out with a unique achievement, who played the second round match of the group stage of the European tournament against Arsenal in London.

The match ended with the victory of the “Gunners”, with the score 3: 0, and the players of the Irish team did not break the rules of the game during the whole match.

Such a thing is for the first time in the second-ranked European football tournament since the 2009/10 season when it was renamed the Europa League. As for the record set by Dundalk, in theory, it would be possible to repeat the achievement of the Irish, but not to improve.

It is noteworthy that the Arsenal players of London, who scored three unanswered goals against the opponent, broke the rules 20 times during the game, and the referee’s Philip Glova never used a “yellow card”. The group is led by London Arsenal and Molde each with 6 points. In the next round, Arsenal will host Molde at home, while Dundalk will visit Rapid. Both meetings will be held on November 5th.