Paulo Dybala was one of the first infected football players. It took almost a month to treat the Argentine player. And now, he is helping clinics and patients infected with the virus in his native province.

Paulo Dybala will provide financial assistance to clinics in the Argentine province of Cordoba, to contribute to the fight against Coronavirus. Paulo’s brother, Gustavo, spread the word about it.

“Paulo has allocated 160,000 euros to help his home province. This money will be transferred to the clinics of Rousseau, San Roque, and Florence to equip them with special equipment to fight the pandemic. Paulo is directly in Kashmir with the Kordova provincial minister, and formal issues will be resolved soon, ”Gustavo Dybala said.

Paulo Dybala was one of the first football players to be infected with Coronavirus. It took almost a month to treat him. His girlfriend was also infected. Dybala has been defending the honor of Juventus since 2015.


Dybala has signed a new contract with Juventus.


Paulo Dybala has recently signed a new contract with Juventus and will stay in Turin until 2025, Gazzetta Dello Sport reports.

According to the publication, the contract is ready. An agreement has been reached. Dybala will officially sign the contract when he will be able to arrive in Turin after the problems with quarantine.

From the details of the new contract, it is only known that Dybala’s salary (7.5 million euros per season) will increase even more. The contract will also provide bonuses, which will depend on the effectiveness of the player.

In the current season, Paulo Dybala has played 34 matches for “Juventus,” scored 13 goals and made 12 assists.