The head coach of the German national team, Joachim Low spoke about the Coronavirus crisis. Joachim Low urged people to think more.

“I was thinking much about the last few days, re-evaluating a lot,” German coach Joachim Low said at a brief press conference with the German Football Association. The Bundestag has made emotional statements about the spread of Coronavirus.

The world is now experiencing a collective burnout. The earth seems to be defending itself from humans and their activities. People always think they know everything and can do everything. In recent years things have been going so fast that the process has become unstoppable. Power, Greed, Financial Profit Orientation, Records – This was all in the foreground.

Australia’s catastrophe and illness, such as Ebola, have insufficiently awakened us. But now we have come to apply to all humankind. We have just realized that we need to think about something more substantial. Now we must understand that the most important thing is family, friends, people, treating each other, respecting each other. That’s the most important thing, “Low said.


“The time has come when we should reassess our approach to any issue.”


The German coach believes that the time has come for everyone to reassess their approach to any issue: “We have to prove that we can do otherwise. These days, it feels like people are still paying attention to each other. Everyone asks each other – ‘How are you?’ And this is an honest question, not a matter of acting. It feels like more sincere communication between people, and I’m so glad. ”

Low believes that even the politicians themselves are on the right track: “No one needs populism, and that’s good.”

As for football: The Bundesliga coach thinks that postponing the European Championship is the right move. “The main thing now is just to slow things down. The safety and health of people is the number one priority. Everything else goes backward, and that’s right. ” – Joachim Low added.