There is good news for Real Madrid fans. Sergio Ramos and Eden Hazard joined the main squad during the training on Thursday morning.

Eden Hazard’s situation

Before the clash against Elche, Eden Hazard returned to official training. Zinedine Zidane wanted him to be back in normal shape a few weeks ago. It was possible for Belgian player to be fit for the game against Atletico Madrid. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Eden Hazard had a relapse of the previous injury and could not continue workout. He was training alone on the pitch and could not join the main squad. In just a few days, Eden Hazard returned to the training in the gym and today we have seen him with the main squad. Medical team is happy with the progress. They hope that Eden Hazard will be fit for a rest of the season.


What about Sergio Ramos?

Spanish defender is feeling good. He is back with the main squad and he could finish the first full training. The management is happy with the progress of Sergio Ramos. Experts believe that Zidane wants to prepare Ramos and Hazard for a clash against Atalanta. Keep in mind that Real Madrid will face Atalanta in 7 days. Team has to play against Italian club and they have a 1-0 advantage taken from Italy. 

No progress regarding the contract renewal. Sergio Ramos avoids every question regarding contract renewal. As we know, Florentino Perez met with Sergio Ramos’ agent and talked about contract extension. With the latest rumors, we know that Ramos wants to stay in Madrid and finish career there. Keep in mind that Ramos wants to sign a 2+ years contract with Real Madrid. Florentino Perez is not ready to pay him the same salary especially after a pandemic recession. Los Blancos’ president offered him a 1+1 contract option.