Eden Hazard travelled to his home-country. He will work one week with Belgium’s national team’s physio.

Eden Hazard is getting back in perfect shape

Hazard wanted to undergo a surgery of the problematic spot on the leg. The medical teams of Real Madrid and Belgium’s national team gave him red-light on this decision. That’s why Hazard decided to change a plan according to the advice of the medical teams. It’s believed that one more surgery may be fatal for Eden Hazard’s career. Belgian striker was under a few surgeries and medical teams believe that he won’t be able to play like before after so many surgeries. Now Hazard is enjoying a very natural recovery from the previous injury. He is in Belgium and working with the national team’s physio. Martinez, coach of Belgium, said that Hazard is very much needed for the Euro 2021 in summer. Also, there is the World Cup in November of 2022, so Hazard has to work harder for best recovery.

Courtois is impressed

Thibaut Courtois played two games in the last five days for the national team. After those matches, he met with the journalists to answer many questions. He answered a question related to Eden Hazard. Thibaut said that he has never seen Eden in better shape than he is right now. The goalkeeper noted that Hazard lost many pounds from the body and feels great when training with the main squad in Madrid. Courtois also added that Hazard’s situation is very difficult because he had an injury relapse. 

Eden Hazard joined Real Madrid back in summer of 2019. Unfortunately for him, He got injured back in November 2019 and since that one match (against PSG), he changed a lot. He played a game against Elche three weeks ago but could not finish the training the next day and missed an important Champions League match.