Real Madrid’s newcomer, Hazard, talked about his past, present, and future with Spanish journalists.

Career in Lille

Eden Hazard is delighted with a career in Lille. Real Madrid’s winger added that he is a big fan of Lille and won’t join any other French club in the future.

Hazard noted that PSG was very keen on signing Hazard from Lille. Belgian said that it’s impossible to join another French club because of loyalty to his clubs. Eden noted that PSG would be a perfect fit by that time for Champions League, but replacing Lille with PSG would not be a loyal decision.

Problems with weight

Hazard noted that he has a new body. His body can get an extra five KGs quickly, and also; he can lose that excess weight fast. Hazard said that it’s essential to follow the routine of a nutritionist.

Eden mentioned that in summer, he returned from vacation with an extra 10 Kilos. It was not hard to lose those extra KGs, but criticism made everything worse. As it seems, Hazard already lost excessive weight, and now he is happy with the current shape.

Real Madrid’s winger said that Zidane’s motivation and nutritionists did everything correctly for his current shape.

First months in Real Madrid

Hazard said that he joined the best club in the world, and criticism is inevitable. Los Blancos player mentioned that because of heavyweight, it was impossible to enjoy football from the first day.

Belgian hailed Zidane and said that the French coach was always by his side. Hazard recalled the moment when the French coach told him to enjoy football and not worry about critics.

The player could join Real Madrid last year

Hazard recalled the summer of World Cup 2018. Eden said that he was ready to leave Chelsea for Real Madrid, but “blues” officials said no to transfer.

Belgian player said that he was very disappointed with Chelsea’s decision, but he had to wait one more year. Hazard said that under Sarri, he did everything to give coach maximum results.

Hazard also said that he was ready to join Real Madrid while he was playing for Lille. Eden just wanted to test his willpower and skills in Premier League.