Yesterday Eden Hazard gave an interesting interview to RTBF. He answered 30 questions but let’s cover the most important answers. 

Messi or Ronaldo

Journalists of RTBF asked Hazard about Ronaldo and Messi comparison. He said that both players are incredible and he would love to take one thing from each. Eden said that the left foot of Messi would be the biggest present for him on 7th January (his birthday). At the same time, he wants to get the desire and will of Ronaldo who wants to score and win many trophies. Those two things from Messi and Roanldo could complete Hazard as the world-class.

Zidane as the top-class player

Eden Hazard noted that the biggest class he has seen in a player was indeed Zidane. Belgian player said that Zidane’s class is just over the top. Yes, he has a class too but Zidane is just out of this world. At the same time, a journalist asked him about the player he wants to play along with. Hazard said that Zidane and Henry are the main priorities. Along with Zidane and Henry, he wants to chat with Riquelme. Villiareal’s legendary player already finished his career. Hazard said that not even playing, just a little talk with Riquelme would be enough for him. Eden said that Riquelme was his idol with Zidane when he was just a teenager.

VAR – good or not?

Hazard said that VAR is robbing the beauty of the football. In the past when a player scored a goal they would celebrate and have fun. Currently they have to stop and wait for VAR, sometimes for more than a minute. Eden believes that it’s an awful feeling for a player to wait around a minute whether a goal was scored in the right way or not. Hazard said that mistakes are also the beauty of football and that’s why more people enjoyed it in the past.