Messi is back in action, and Barcelona could win a crucial match. Blaugrana is now officially in first position.

Pre-match preparations

There is a big protest in the streets of Barcelona. Lionel Messi gave an honest interview to Marca journalists. Messi said that he is not happy with the political situation. There is a political and social crisis in Catalonia, so Messi is not feeling satisfied.

After the international break, Barcelona was free of injuries. Unlike Real Madrid, Barcelona players returned in Catalonia injury-free. Valverde was happy to play with Griezmann, Messi, and Suarez in the attack.

1st half of the match

Eibar started the game with a high defense. The host team was performing high in defense, so Barcelona’s players could create some counter-attacks;

The first goal of Barcelona came from counter-attacks. Eibar players did everything in attack but could not score a goal, so Lenglet decided to give a pass in the attack. A massive cross from Lenglet ended in a goal. Griezmann got the ball on the left side of the attack and dribbled through two defenders. In front of the goalie, it was not hard for Frenchman to score a goal. Barcelona had only one shot on target in the first half, but Messi’s side could win 45 minutes.

2nd half of the match

Barcelona dominated Eibar’s stadium in the second half. Lionel Messi is finally back from injury, and he could score a goal in the 58th minute. Messi was not absent because of the international break, as he is not playing friendly matches. Lionel took a break and tried everything to recover from injury. Messi had two injuries from the start of the season, but now he is injury-free. During the interview, Messi said that he listens more to his body as aging could be harmful to his career.

In six minutes after Messi’s goal, Argentinian gave an assist. Lionel Messi provided a pass to Suarez, and Uruguayan player scored a beauty. After the match, Barcelona is in the first position. Despite a setback, Messi and teammates could improve the quality of football, and now they are first in La Liga.