Eibar is not losing hopes of staying in La liga. Keep in mind that the team is in the last position of the table but they won an important game against Alaves.

Pre-match preparations

It was visible that Eibar had the last chance for La Liga. They were in need of three points to get a chance of staying in La liga. Before the clash against Alaves, the team had only 23 points. Alaves at the same time had only 31 points. Yes, there is a big gap between Alaves and Eibar, but there are still other teams that could not be problematic for Eibar. That’s why Eibar was in need of taking three points in the home game against Alaves. Eibar started game with the two strikers – Enrich and Kike. The last one scored a hat-trick in the game against Alaves and had a perfect match overally.


The first half of the game

Eibar was very dominative in the first half of the game. Kike took the ball from the Gil and scored early goal. It was a dramatic moment for Alaves because team players could not come into the game after the goal. From the very first second, Eibar players were in attack and it was visible that they wanted to score an early goal. Keep in mind that Kike scored early goal and gave a lead to Eibar. As the second half started, Kike scored second goal and gave bigger lead to the host team. It was visible that Eibar was not losing this chance. Eibar scored another goal in just a few minutes and it was his big hat-trick in career because of the importance of the game. Eibar has 26 points and is still in the last position of the table. Keep in mind that they are not losing hopes of staying in La liga.