Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has spoken about his team’s upcoming match. He believes that empty Anfield is still an advantage.

“It’s true that football is no longer so impressive without spectators. But it’s a temporary event. Anfield’s stands will be empty. But the advantage of home walls still exists. Everything is ours here. ”

Recall that today, at 23:15, the Merseysiders will play against “Crystal Palace.” It can be said that the “Reds” are one step away from the championship.


After City’s game, I thought, ‘How could we do that we are 20 points ahead?’


The head coach of “Liverpool” also spoke about the match between “Manchester City” and “Burnley,” which “City” won 5: 0.

“After watching yesterday’s Manchester City game, I thought, ‘How is it possible for any team to be 20 points ahead of them? Maybe we did something right.’ – Quotes Klopp’s words Liverpool Echo.

In 30 matches of the Premier League, “Liverpool” has gained 83 points and is first in the English Premier League. “City” has 63 points and is in the second position.

In the match of the 31st round, “Liverpool” will host “Crystal Palace” today, on June 24.


The Malaysian newspaper thought Black Lives Matter was the surname of Trent Alexander-Arnold.


As you know, players have the slogan: Black Lives Matter instead of surnames on T-shirts for some reason.

One of the Malaysian newspapers that wrote about Liverpool Derby thought the slogan was a player’s last name.

The Asians’ quote sounds like this – “Liverpool’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson, and Black Lives Matter surround Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdsson.”