Thiago Silva and Edinson Cavani are leaving Paris Saint-Germain. The leaders of Inter and Atletico want to add the Uruguayan.

According to, Thiago Silva and Edinson Cavani will leave PSG at the end of the current season. The point is that the contracts of the Brazilian defender and the Uruguayan striker are expiring, and the parties did not want to extend them.

It must be said that Edinson Cavani does not lack the teams that are interested in him. The leaders of Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan are showing particular interest against him.

To remind you, Edinson Cavani moved to “Park de France” in 2013 and became the best goal scorer of all time for the team.


English and Italian clubs are inviting Thiago Silva.


The 35-year-old central defender’s contract with the French champions expires on June 30 this year. The player has a number of candidates. According to the publication FOOTBALL-ITALIA, the representatives of Serie A and the Premier League want to attract him.

It is yet unknown by now what he will do after leaving PSG. But the Brazilian player has several options. First of all, Milan want the player back.  AC Milan is the team where Silva has become a real star and one of the best defenders in the world. As you know, Thiago moved to the current club from “Rossoneri” in 2012, and the Italians received 42 million in exchange for the player.

It is noteworthy that even after leaving Milan, the player often stated that he would remain a fan of this team forever, and even during his stay in Paris, he used a raincoat with the logo of the Milan team on it.

Everton and the head of the team, Carlo Ancelotti, also want to attract the player. The Italian specialist believes that in order to strengthen the defensive line, he needs such an experienced player as Silva.

Thiago Silva will turn 36 in September. But as he says, he will be able to play at a high level until the age of 40. So, he is not thinking about finishing his career at all. The player also had offers from China. But it is known that he wants to stay in Europe.