Mino Raiola is an agent of Erling Haaland. He gave a very honest interview a few hours ago and the world went crazy. First of all, Raiola talked about Pogba but then mentioned Haaland’s role in modern football.

Manchester’s Ole does not know anything about Haaland

As you may remember, MU’s coach Ole said that Haaland could play like Lukaku. During the interview, Mino said that Ole is wrong when it comes to Haaland. Agent said that Haaland will be a very big superstar and he is already better than Belgian forward. Keep in mind that Haaland started playing at a high level just two years ago. After playing for Salzburg, Erling signed a contract with Dortmund. Raiola believes that signing with Dortmund was the best decision in that situation. Haaland is very young and he needs more play-time for development of new skills. Real Madrid and other European giants are after Norwegian forward.

Erling Haaland is just like Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Mino Raiola thinks that Haaland has the same start as Zlatan had two decades ago. Raiola noted that Ole is a good guy but he is very wrong in many things. A Football agent noted that Ole needs to focus more on Pogba and the strategy of MU. Instead of giving opinions on other players, Ole needs to focus more on playing Pogba like a champion. It was a very harsh note from Mino. He gave a very honest interview to TuttoSport and after publishing an interview, MU fans went crazy. First of all, they scammed Pogba’s Instagram page with interesting comments about Mino. Then MU fans visited Haaland’s Instagram page and left a few interesting notes there too. It’s visible that Manchester United’s fans are not happy with Mino’s statements.