During the interview with the Bundesliga’s officials, Erling was very honest. He talked about upcoming matches, record-breaking seasons, etc.

Records is not Erling’s cup of tea

Haaland said that he is not interested in breaking records. Yes, sometimes his performance and goals could break particular records but it’s not important. Haalnad believes that records will be broken in the future by some other players also. So, his main focus is helping the team to win particular matches. Those matches can bring the team closer to the title. 

Thoughts about Bundesliga

Erling said that he is very happy in Germany. He liked football in Germany and stadiums are very beautiful. He noted that football is very different in Germany and it’s really comfortable for him to play in this league.

Molde was his first team

Journalists asked him about the times in Molde. Erling said that he was very young when he signed for the youth team of Molde. They were childhood friends who were living the dream and playing for the best team at the local level. Erling is still in touch with childhood friends and teammates of Molde’s youth team and he will be in touch with them for the rest of his life. Haaland said that he was a ‘prankster’ type of guy and always had a good laugh with friends. He noted that those times were something special.