Erling Haaland is getting closer to Real Madrid. The management of the team knows that Haaland will be an easy target this summer.

Norwegian player wants to win trophies

Dortmund Borussia advanced to the next level of the Champions League. Erling Haaland scored a brace on Tuesday night against Sevilla. The same happened in Spain and he is ready to dominate the Champions League. At the same time, he knows that it will be hard to win the Champions League title with Dortmund. Team will have to face Bayern Munich, PSG, Manchester City and Real Madrid to win the trophy. From this standpoint, Erling Haaland can score goals against these teams but weekends game against Bayern proved that team finds it hard to win games against big games.

Erling Haaland wants to win trophies. That’s why he may leave the club this summer. Haaland joined Borussia in the middle of the last season. From 2020, he is the player of Dortmund and feels very confident in the club. Keep in mind that he is the first player that reached 20 goals in the Champions League in just 14 games. That’s why experts believe that Real Madrid will sign Haaland for next season. 


Easy target than Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe’s desire to play for Madrid club is not a big surprise. It’s been more than 2 years since Mbappe admitted idolizing Ronaldo and Zidane. Both had a huge impact on modern Real Madrid. Zidane is still a coach of Real Madrid so Mbappe wants to play under the management of Zinedine Zidane. Keep in mind that Kylian Mbappe is not extending contract with PSG. He still wants to think more about the future. Mbappe’s current contract will expire in summer of 2022. PSG’s management wants to extend his contract or sell him for more than 150 Million EUR fee. 

Experts believe that Haaland will be an easy target for Real Madrid. It will be easy for Los Blancos to pay 100 Million EUR rather than go for 150 Million EUR transfer. That’s why Zidane wants to sign Haaland in summer and go for Kylian Mbappe in 2022 (as he may be free-agent by that time).