Erling Haaland scored his 50th goal for Dortmund Borussia. He wants to leave Dortmund but is not sure about the contract conditions.

Real Madrid wants to sign Erling Haaland

Two weeks ago, the father of Erling Haaland met with Barca and Madrid’s representatives. Father of the player could not hide in the airport of Barcelona and Madrid. Spanish football experts write that Erling is close to La liga. He is still choosing from two offers.

Laporta is a new president of Barcelona. Everytime he joins Barca, there is a big revolution when it comes to signing players. He has signed players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henry, Pep Guardiola, etc. All the big successes are related to Laporta and it’s believed that Spanish businessmen are fully invested in youngsters. Erling Haaland is a very good player when it comes to investing in goals. He will be a top-tier player for next decade, so Barcelona is interested. Keep in mind that Barca has a young player who is injured right now and the duo with Erling will be very impressive. At the same time, Florentino Perez wants to re-build Real Madrid from summer. He wants to sign not only Erling but also Kylian Mbappe. It will be an interesting summer.


Erling Haaland may stay in Dortmund

The president of Dortmund gave a very honest interview last week. He said that Jayden Sancho was close to leaving the team. Keep in mind that every newspaper rumored Jayden with Premier League clubs. President of Dortmund said that everything was only rumors and Jayden stayed in Germany. The same case will happen with Erling Haaland. He said that everyone is connecting young goal-machine with Real Madrid or Barca but he will stay in Dortmund. The club’s president said that Erling still has to improve to become the highest level goal-scorer, that’s why Dortmund is a perfect place for improvement.