Erling Haaland is very close to Real Madrid. The experts in Spain note that Haaland can sign a contract with Los Blancos in summer of 2021.


Magical time while playing for Borussia

It’s been a year since Haaland joined Borussia Dortmund. He was playing for Salzburg and made a big impact on a whole world of football. Especially in the Champions League group, Haaland scored lots of goals for Salzburg. He got recognition from big teams but yet he was very young. That’s why Haaland decided to go with Dortmund Borussia. Keep in mind that both teams from Borussia are known to be a perfect place for youngsters.

Haaland played only 15 games last season in the Bundesliga. He scored 13 goals and gave 2 assists which means that he was involved in 15 goals. He played 15 games and was involved in 15 games. This season Haaland missed a few matches due to injury. So far, he has participated in 18 matches and scored 17 goals. Along with 17 goals in Bundesliga, he assisted 4 times. It means that Haaland participated in 21 goals this season. As for the Champions League, Haaland played 7 games and scored 10 goals for Dortmund in two seasons. Erling Haaland scored two goals against Sevilla two weeks ago in the play-off stage of Champions League. Now, Dortmund will host Sevilla at home-stadium and Haaland has a chance to increase the number of goals in the Champions League.


Real Madrid is in need of new striker

Los Blancos signes Cristiano Ronaldo back in 2009. It was perfect for Real Madrid as they were in need of a new striker. Raul Gonzalez was still in good shape but he could not score 30+ goals in La LIga per season. The same could be said about the current season Los Blancos. Karim Benzema is not in a top-shape again and he gets injured pretty easily. He scored only 12 goals in La Liga this season and only 10 rounds are left until the end of the season. As we know, Karim Benzema may miss two more rounds in La Liga which is a big blow for Real Madrid.