Rivaldo: “Abidal is in a difficult situation. Especially because the player who has reacted to his statements is not just an individual: he is the captain of Barcelona and a superstar. It’s Messi!”


The dispute between the club captain and the first team’s technical secretary

Barca’s legend Leo Messi is right when he gets angry at Eric Abidal said former Barcelona star Rivaldo. Tension at Camp Nou erupts at a high level after a disappointing week of field results and the apparent dispute between the club captain and the first team’s technical secretary.
Messi used the post on social networks to criticize Abidal. After he accused some Barca players of knocking down tools during the last weeks of Ernesto Valverde as head coach. Messi felt that Abidal, a former Barca teammate, was “messing up” the team, making generalized comments about the Cules, without naming names.

Messi was always likely to defend his teammates

This issue led Messi to use the option to have his contract with Barca annulled at the end of the season to go on a free transfer. However, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has moved to cancel any offer he tries to seduce his former player to England. Rivaldo believes that the difficult few days for his old club. Compounded by the Thursday elimination of the Copa del Rey at the hands of Athletic Bilbao. It will be quickly forgotten if the team immediately returns to victory. However, the winner of Ballon d’Or 1999 believes that Messi was always likely to defend his teammates after Abidal’s “naive” remarks. “The reaction of Leo Messi last Wednesday, in which he criticized Eric Abidal through his social pages. Seems normal to me,” Rivaldo admitted to journalists.


Messi has every right in the world

“Messi has every right in the world to be mad at Abidal because of how Eric complained about the professionalism of some players. In training, especially when he did not mention a single specific name. “This put the whole squad in doubt. It was hard to talk about this situation from the outside. But Messi is trying to protect the group and himself, maintain his reputation, and – at the same time – find out which players Abidal had in mind. “The latter naively said something like this in an interview. Which, of course, will have a significant impact in the media, forcing Messi to react.

“These types of problems must be addressed domestically. Abidal didn’t do this on purpose, but he ultimately hurt the club. “Now it’s all we know that Ernesto Valverde was not the biggest problem for the club. The biggest loser in all of this is Barca. “Abidal and Messi should have a conversation like good people. Abidal is in a difficult situation, especially since the player who responded to his comments is not just someone: he is the captain of Barca and a superstar. He is Leo Messi. “Just getting back on the road to victories will calm it all down.”