Euro 2020 qualifications are almost over, and 19th November matches will be last from the qualification group stage. What should we expect from Euro 2020?

Who is the host of Euro 2020?

As you may know, Euro competition has 60 years of history. First, of competition history, the last stage of the tournament will be spread through the continent. European football fans will have to travel to 12 different cities.

Few things are very sure – final of Euro 2020 will be played at Wembley in London, UK. Also, London will be the host for matches in semi-finals. Four different cities will be the host for quarter-finals of Euro 2020 – Rome, Munich, Saint Petersburg, and Baku (Azerbaijan).

Other than those cities, we will see group stage games on different stadiums in the following towns – Bilbao (Spain), Amsterdam, Bucharest, Dublin, Glasgow, etc.

Who will be qualified automatically?

For the first time in history, the tournament will be played in 12 different countries. So, there is no one specific country as a host. Therefore there will be no national team qualified automatically. All European teams played in Euro 2020 qualifiers. Keep in mind that those teams also played national league that gives them four credits.

As of now, Euro 2020 qualifiers have decided the chances of 20 European nations. Now, we have four more spots to fill full, 24 positions, tournaments. Who will take those spots? Everything depends on “Nation’s League” play-offs.

Nations League – mini-tournaments for little countries

Nations League is a new addition to the Euro tournaments family. It’s a chance for countries like Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Luxemburg, etc. Big teams like Portugal, England, and others also qualify and play the Nations League, but it’s essential for little countries.

Nations League has it was mini-tournament in 2018, and we already know teams who have a chance for qualification. Nations League’s play-offs will take place in the Spring of 2020, and those matches will be exciting.

There are four divisions in Nations League, and each division will have a winner. Winner of division will take the spot of Euro 2020. So, each division will send one winner to Euro 2020.