Today it has been reported that Coronavirus has been identified for Lorenzo Sanz, the former president of Real Madrid. Sanz led Real in 1995-2000 years and has won many titles as well.

His son, Fernando Sanz, talked about his condition.

“He felt unwell for eight days. During those days, my father struggled with a high fever. He then phoned the doctors, and they advised him to take paracetamol. Lorenzo was taking a lot of medication, but he flatly refused to go to the hospital.

He endured for these eight days because he did not want to bother the medical staff. But then he was unable to breathe, and the condition worsened. He was told that he is currently in poor condition. Unfortunately, according to the analysis, he has little oxygen in his blood.

We do not know if we are dealing with Coronavirus or any other disease.


The medical staff should be thanked and applauded for doing their best


Hopefully, many other families and we will be saved. I want to thank all the representatives of the public health system as well, who are trying their best to correct Lorenzo’s situation. ”- said Fernando Sanz.

Lorenzo Sanz Mancebo, born in 1943, was a president of Real Madrid in 1995-2000 years and then dedicated the field to Florentino Perez.

In 2006, he ran for president once again, but then lost to Ramon Calderon, who ran the Royal Club for three years and then resigned. After that, the team is led by Florentino Perez.

Noteworthy, that Real Madrid support Lorenzo Sans.