In an interview with German television channel ZDF, UEFA President Alexander Ceferin spoke about possible scenarios for the continuation and end of the Champions League and the Europa League. He also named the last date when the final of the leading European club tournament should be held.

Also, he said, UEFA has begun negotiations with the Belgian Football Federation, which has canceled the season in Belgium. The subject of the talks is the issue of Belgian clubs reaching the European tournaments.

As you know, Belgium is the first big football country to announce the end of the season – Brugge is the champion.


Ceferin criticized FIFA for its coronary management


Ceferin is unhappy with the Belgian decision: “This is not the right way to go. You can’t ask for help first and then decide for yourself how to arrange it.

Belgium and other countries that are considering a similar decision are at risk that their clubs will not play in the European tournaments next season. ” – Ceferin said in the ZDF program Aktuelle Sportstudio. The 52-year-old president of UEFA warns all countries to refrain from such decisions.

Ceferin also spoke about the last possible date for the end of the Champions League and Europa League: “Obviously, the deadline for the end of this season is August. It is impossible to hold the final of the Champions League and Europa League in September or October. We have a special situation. If the crisis weakens, everything is possible, “said the President of UEFA.

Besides, Ceferin criticized FIFA for providing financial assistance to federations, clubs, and players. “FIFA says it will help those who need it most.

It turns out that we also have to agree to this. So, FIFA decides who will be given how much money. It’s weird for me, “the UEFA president said, adding:” So no one can control where the money goes. Specific, prescribed regulation is required. We can’t just leave FIFA to decide where and how much money will go. “