Sergio Ramos and Varane’s duo were big for last decade. Both players dominated not only La Liga but Champions League also. They won four Champions League and 3 La liga together.

Ramos and Varane duo stats

French defender played with Ramos for 228 games. It’s visible that they dominated all the tournaments including Champions League, La Liga, Super Cup, Club’s World Cup, Spanish Super Cup, etc. Sergio Ramos and Varane played together under Carlo Ancelotti, Benitez, Mourinho and Zinedine Zidane. They have played together and won the big games in La liga and Champions League. Experts believe that this duo has come to an end. Keep in mind that both players have problems with the negotiation. The contract of Ramos will expire in summer and he is not extending the agreement with Real Madrid.


Florentino Perez’s opinion

Real Madrid’s president said that negotiations with Ramos are not going well. He said that Ramos is asking for something that is impossible for the Real Madrid budget as of now. Florentino Perez said that Real Madrid has financial issues because of the covid pandemic and financial crisis. That’s why Florentino wanted to start the Super League and stop playing in the Champions League. It seems that Super League won’t happen, so Florentino noted that Real Madrid can’t sign big players because there is not enough money. Man.City and PSG can spend billions of dollars and Uefa won’t say anything noted Perez. At the same time, Barca, Los Blancos and other European legendary clubs are in financial crisis and Uefa is not doing anything. Florentino said that agreement with Ramos is still in progress. He has a hope that Real Madrid’s captain will accept the conditions of Real Madrid. Ramos may leave Real Madrid because the team will sign David Alaba in summer. The deal is already done and the team will sign Alaba as a free agent.