Liverpool have won many awards, but the Premier League title may be a little more special. Liverpool’s Brazilian midfielder, Fabinho Tavares, believes the current squad will go down in the club’s history.

“Winning in the Premier League is very important for us. Until now, we did not realize its importance. But I think we will be remembered forever because we became the first Liverpool team to win since founding the Premier League.

Many outstanding players have played for Merseyside over the decades, but we have become champions.

This club has a long history, has won many awards. But it might be a little more special because we have had a long stay without a league title.

Liverpool fans have been waiting for this title for a long time. But unfortunately, they could not be at the stadium with us. Undoubtedly, however, all of them celebrated the victory at home.

“Obviously we have to celebrate how we won the award – the big difference in points between us and the second place really should be noted. I congratulate the Reds fans once again on this great success,” said the Brazilian striker, Fabinho Tavares, in an interview with the official website of Liverpool.